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About Us

Hi, I'm Kyle Stanford. I've been making beef jerky for nearly two decades. It used to be that you had to know me to be able to partake in my
savory handcrafted treats. Occasionally those friends that I would share with would feel generous enough that they would share with their
own friends. Time and again I would hear back that it was the best jerky they had ever had and when was I going to make it readily available
to everyone? I decided it was time.

In 2013, I met Frank Price, whose passion for beef jerky almost rivaled my own. Together, we have set out to make Stanford's Jerky
available to all those that refuse to be satisfied with subpar jerky. We have worked hard to provide a quality, standout product at a reasonable price.


Our Mission

At Stanford's Jerky our goal is to provide the most delicious and flavorful beef jerky in the USA. Each bag of Stanford's Jerky is created with premium U.S.D.A. certified London Broil and seasoned to perfection. I've told you what's in Stanford's Jerky, now I'll tell you what's not:
nitrates, MSG, artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives. In short, all of the good, none of the bad. Give us a try, your taste buds will thank
you for it.

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