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You're our favorite kind of person, a person with excellent taste. Your search for phenomenal beef jerky
has come to an end. We're here to satisfy all of your high-caliber cravings. Try all of our amazing flavors.

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***We Currently sell within the U.S. only. ***
* Our Jerky is not available for resale*

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 Honest JD - A deep rich flavor, with a kick of bourbon.

Slow Burn - A spirited mix of spices that starts slow but ends with a shot to your taste buds.

Southern - A bold delicious blend of tangy and sweet mesquite flavors.

Teriyaki - After one savory bite, you'll be hooked for life.

OMG! We've got BACON JERKY! Your life is not complete until you've had our Bacon Jerky.

Candy Bacon - The perfect blend of savory and sweet.

Honey Sriracha Bacon - A kick of sriracha combined with the tang of honey.

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 x  Honest JD - 4.0 oz ($8.99 each)
 x  Southern - 4.0 oz ($8.99 each)
 x  Teriyaki - 4.0 oz ($8.99 each)
 x  Slow Burn - 4.0 oz ($8.99 each)
 x  Honest JD - 1.5 oz ($4.99 each)
 x  Southern - 1.5 oz ($4.99 each)
 x  Teriyaki - 1.5 oz ($4.99 each)
 x  Slow Burn - 1.5 oz ($4.99 each)
 x  Candy Bacon - 1.0 oz ($4.79 each)
 x  Honey & Sriracha Bacon - 1.0 oz ($4.79 each)
Shipping $5.99

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